SCADA Rapid control system (RCS)

SCADA Rapid control system (RCS)
SCADA Rapid control system (RCS)
SCADA Rapid control system (RCS)

SCADA Rapid control system (RCS) is designed to build an automated data collection systems, alerts, process control, accident prevention, and can be successfully applied in the following areas:

∙ gas;
∙ combined heat and power;
∙ electricity;
∙ petrochemical industry;
∙ chemical industry;
∙ utilities;

∙ gathering and storage of information on the progress of the ongoing process;
∙ information processing;
∙ information transfering on the many existing communication channels;
∙ 24 hour information supplying in form of mimic diagrams, graphs, tables;
∙ rapid, multi-level alerting on violations of the technological process;
∙ leading the history of access and staff work or actions of the operator;
∙ analysis and forecasting of the technological processes;
∙ formation of accounting documentation with the possibility to export it to xls, pdf, xml;

SCADA RCS is original hardware-software complex of MR Energy Research & Monitoring OU production. A key features is the ability to perform scaling and a high system agility. It can be used on the small objects in the sphere of utilities, and also on a large industrial objects, that require full control over the technological processes in real time. The system does not limit the user neither in audio communications (CDMA, GSM, GPRS, LAN), nor in any number of monitored parameters. Convenient and easy to use interface of RCS "Operator" program avoids the need for long and tedious extra training. Also, it should be noted that the system is designed to work in difficult conditions, which include: instability of communication channels, stresses in the core network, high probability of vandalism and so on. The effect of the implementation of SCADA RCS is noticeable due to rapid control of technological processes, the possibility of their not biased analysis, automatic prediction of violation of their course, the possibility of staff work analysis and a planning of energy consumption.