Advantages and differences of our cabinet gas-distribution equipment:


Advantages and differences of our cabinet gas-distribution equipment

  • All equipment is available in cabinet performance of full operational readiness.
  • Equipment for gas metering and pressure reduction are produced by individual specifications.
  • The equipment for gas metering provides structural elements that are protected by a patent, allowing to carry out periodic monitoring of operability of measuring instruments, which it includes without its dismantling, directly in the operating conditions and / or attach a backup metering gas unit.
  • The equipment for the gas reduction foresees a special elements, which allows easily to control the operation and configuration of regulators in real conditions in daily operation, and to carry out their migration without disconnecting gas consumers, if necessary.
  • Construction of pipe studs in "Economy" and "Prestige" versions allows with the presence of one reduction line to install a second one, and in some cases with replacing the reduction line to increase the capacity of all the equipment without replacing CGDP.
  • All piping elements are made in conductor and can be easily replaced if necessary.
  • Applicable in the cabinet (CGDP and DMP) technological gas equipment has the highest technical specifications used in Ukraine among the equipment of similar purpose - the counters have a 16 (H200) range of flow. All the regulators have a built-in safety check valve, and some have a build-in safety bleed valve.
  • Constractive performance of the cabinet may comprise a separate gas metering unit and a separate gas reduction unit, but there is also a performance in which a gas metering unit and a gas reduction unit are located in one cabinet.
  • CGDP with different productivity with pressure rate under of 1.2 MPa uses filters with a high purity.
  • The equipment for gas reduction provided by the possibility to perform service of the gas filter, and provided its bypass.
  • The equipment for gas meters with rotary meters provided with special containers for the mechanical impurities and condensate collection behind the filter and over the counter. Manufactured equipment for gas metering allows to use rotary meters, and proofreaders of all the permitted for use in Ukraine manufacturers.
  • Assembling of equipment are provided with the help of a wide range of standard elements by the instructions of the customer and with performed "Questionnaire." Structural dimensions of standard elements are made to meet the requirements of "Gas" DBN and the other regulations, as well as the manufacturer recommendations, allowing to ensure in accuracy and stability of the required parameters.
  • Fenced cabinet doors have the flaps, wich helps to perform serving of the technological equipment from the front as well as from the back side.
  • CGDP design uses flanged ball valves, which increases reliability of the equipment.