Cabinet gas-distribution points (CGDP) ("prestige" version)

CGDP of «Prestige» version
CGDP of «Prestige» version
CGDP of «Prestige» version

CGDP of «Prestige» version provides the gas reducing and its accounting. High-performance and efficient CGDP for solving problems of different complexity.

Prestige version is a constructive solution, which allows to select the optimum scheme of gas-powered equipment with the possibility of increasing the number of reduction lines and / or replacing of used reduction equipment and the gas accounting devices during the development of a gas supply system.

Our cabinet gas-distribution point’s production is made on the basis of unique patented design and technological solutions with the use of modern domestic and import equipment. That is why our products have much more profitable distinguishes comparing to already known analogues.

By increasing the unification of goods, CGDP’s piping & instrumentation diagram allows to make a modernization of construction with the help of elements stipulated in it. The cabinets are made up of sections, which simplifies their assembly and maintenance, and, if it necessary, creates an opportunity for their insulation and heating.

CGDP are intended for using both outdoors and indoors at ambient temperatures from -40 °C to + 60 °C, and the gas temperature from -20 °C to + 50 °C.

Thanks to innovative design solutions and a modular circuit of treating iron, our cabinet gas-distribution point’s production have the following advantages:

∙ possibility of checking the technical condition of measuring units, commercial gas metering unit, directly on the site in its actual use;
∙ the ability to configure and verify the operation of safety devices in real-world operating conditions;
∙ ability to change the configuration and packaging CGDP during the operation;
∙ installation of an independent SRV for the gas pipeline;
∙ bypass line at the site of gas filtration;
∙ possibility of using gas meters and correctors from different manufacturers, both during CGDP manufacturing and during its operation;
∙ possibility of gathering the condensate and mechanical impurities in special compartments for further disposal;
∙ possibility of building CGDP equipment (additional gas pressure reduction lines, retrofitting with gas metering unit) when its need);
∙ access to the CGDP equipment from both sides;
∙ possibility of delivery the CGDP without a cabinet or with an unassembled cabinet;
∙ possibility of replacing the technological equipment and the elements of cabinet on similar one. (in case of failure).

Items delivery is based on the requirements (questionnaire) filled by the customer. For products with dimensions up 1500h800h1600 (H) - in full operational readiness, for products with dimensions over 1500h800h1600 (H) - as more convenient for transport: with pipe binding attached to the base plate and with a set of elements for assembly on-site operation. Gas equipment is available in such versions as Home, Economic and Prestige.